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2K has also added matchmaking structures in 2K22 to the city

Autor Skyzhay 
2K has also added matchmaking structures in 2K22 to the city
24.10.2021 08:53
2K has also added matchmaking structures in NBA 2K22 MT to the city. Therefore, if you're all by yourself, you are able to hop into a 3V3 matchmaking game with two other random players. This mode allows for the absence of teams. This mode lets you play 3V3 against player 1V1 person against. players and 3V3 AI. 3V3 Cage games, and 3V3 Player vs. Player.

Lastly, 2K added quite a several badges to MyCareer. Below is a link the list. Have you ever played with a bigman and missed the rim wearing an Point Guard on? The new badge "Mouse in the house", allows the big man to have a better chance of winning against smaller defenders.

2K On A Ship? Sure, 2K22 on consoles from the current generation will take place on a yacht. The current generation consoles will feature the exact "seasons" as the next generation. This allows players to earn players to earn "REP."

With over six levels on The Cancha Del Mar, 2K looks to bring the same excitement to new generation consoles. Each season, as per 2K's website, this vessel will dock at various locations in each season. This gives players the opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere during their journey's to 99 and more.

Current generation will also 2K22 MT Buy receive several new badges for the 2K21 gen. Be on the watch for the badges in MyCareer! Basketball New Year's gifts NBA 2K22 arrived on September 10th as scheduled. This year's NBA 2K22 still uses two versions of the current generation , and the next generation to satisfy players who play on different platforms.
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