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How to write a review on a dissertation author's abstract?

Autor mayaliebert 
How to write a review on a dissertation author's abstract?
18.09.2021 09:34
A review of a dissertation author's abstract is a document drawn up by an independent expert on the topic of research and containing an objective description of the master's / candidate's / doctoral work. It is included in the list of mandatory documents required to obtain admission to defend a dissertation.

Who is eligible to become an author of a review for an abstract?

The mypaper writer of the review for the dissertation author's abstract may be a scientific advisor or officially appointed opponents from the dissertation council of the chosen educational organization - it all depends on the type of scientific work and the characteristics of the topic under consideration.

To obtain objective feedback from a "third party" at https://writemypapers.company/dissertation-help/ , an applicant for a candidate / doctoral degree or a graduate of a master's degree is allowed to choose the candidacy of any third-party specialist with experience in the scientific direction of dissertation research.

Before making a final decision on the involvement of a third-party specialist to write a review, the dissertation author is strongly recommended to consult with representatives of the university's dissertation council - not always reviews of the dissertation author's abstract from a "essay helper online" are a good reason for obtaining admission to the work defense procedure.

General recommendations put forward for the review of the abstract

[li]The text of the review for the dissertation author's abstract must contain information about its author (full name, academic degree / title, full name of the organization, address, telephone number where he works).[/li]
[li]After studying the author's abstract, the review considers the relevance of the topic of the dissertation research, its scientific novelty, the correctness of the conclusion, and other fundamental points of the document.[/li]
[li]Criticism and description of the positive / negative aspects of the abstract are indicated only with objective arguments.[/li]
[li]The structure of the review for the abstract consists of three main sections - this is the introduction, the main part, the conclusion.[/li]
[li]The document is drawn up in several copies (the exact requirements for the quantity can be obtained from the representatives of the dissertation council), certified by the signature of the author, by the seal from the personnel department of the organization in which he works.[/li]

Requirements for a review of the abstract of a scientific work

Methodology at proposal writing help web establishes its requirements for the recommended volume of feedback on the dissertation abstract - these are 4 printed pages of standard A4 format. The text is typed in 14 point size Times New Roman. The size of the line spacing is 1.5.

The requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission put forward to the document:

    [li]The recommended number of reviews for the abstract is from 3 pcs. The exact number of copies is established by the dissertation council, in which the scientific work will be defended. The applicant for a candidate / doctoral degree coordinates this issue with the scientific secretary of the dissertation council.[/li]
    [li]The review is drawn up by a specialist working in the direction of dissertation research. Other candidates are completely excluded.[/li]
    [li]The document is drawn up in strict accordance with the requirements of methodology and includes an objective assessment of the practical, scientific significance of the study.[/li]
    [li]The original review in duplicate is sent to the representatives of the dissertation council no later than 15 days before the defense of the work. The document is accepted in printed and electronic format. When sending a review in electronic format, it is certified by the electronic signature of the author.[/li]

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