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How Do Effective Strategic Management and Leadership Endorse Teamwork?

Autor smithjack 
How Do Effective Strategic Management and Leadership Endorse Teamwork?
15.09.2021 12:05
How Do Effective Strategic Management and Leadership Endorse Teamwork?


A recent article in the New York Times discussed how some companies have adopted the "green" image as part of their corporate identity. The authors cited a study showing, "The same results are often seen in smaller firms with fewer employees." The study went on to note that one of the main reasons for this was the importance placed on how companies could collaborate more effectively. The result was, "Leader competence and organizational culture were now seen as related." More specifically, leadership and strategic management were seen as a way to help companies work together more effectively. The authors concluded by recommending that organizations take note: "strategic management and teamwork are central to a successful company's future."

This sounds like good advice. I would only add that companies need to understand how the concept of strategic teamwork applies to them. Most companies are built around the concept of being a team; however, they also realize that being a team doesn't necessarily mean being able to work effectively together. Teams may be able to successfully work together to solve problems and meet customer needs, but it is not likely that they would do so effectively and without cost.


In order to understand how to do effective strategic management and teamwork help a company or organization, a closer examination of what managers and leaders do when they are dealing with the creation or the improvement of a team. For example, are there time management techniques or processes that are used? Are there tools or data that can be shared to assist these efforts? These are all questions that require answers before a company can begin moving in the right direction.

Teams come in different shapes and sizes. Most are made up of members who have backgrounds in various fields, skills, and talents. Some may have been trained as marketers or salespeople while others studied art, history, computer science, engineering, and the arts. While this represents a great pool of talent, it also requires an effective leadership approach. There needs to be a commitment to building and promoting communication among team members so that they can work as a unit to reach the goals and objectives of the organization.


Effective leaders understand that a team should be encouraged rather than abused. The concept of a team includes individuals who have a wide range of skills and talents, not just a few who possess the skill set required to run a successful team. This requires that the team members be encouraged to use their skills to the best of their ability. Achieving this requires a clear understanding of the team dynamics, the desired results from the team, and a commitment to the attainment of those goals. Leaders who understand how to do effective strategic management and leadership facilitate teamwork understand that the implementation of best practices will make a significant difference in the performance of the team.

Ineffective leaders and ineffective strategic management will have the same outcomes. The difference is that one has the desire to achieve the desired results, while the other doesn't. If an organization wants to build effective teams that are dedicated to the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives, then the leaders need to possess certain characteristics.

They should demonstrate the ability to manage time effectively. Leaders who understand how to do effective strategic management and leadership facilitate teamwork understand that effective leaders understand that teams don't work well with people who don't communicate with each other effectively. Effective leaders realize that no one on the team has an automatic "robot" that performs the tasks required of them. People must be encouraged, informed, and allowed to feel involved in the process in order for the team to be as successful as possible. Those who lack this willingness to put effort into their performance are often unable to contribute meaningful results to the team. Phorum.softball blogs have many great articles related to strategic management.

Conclusion and Results:

The ability to delegate is also essential when it comes to effective teamwork. When leaders understand that the key to building an effective team is to empower individuals, they can empower individuals by delegating responsibilities to individuals. By doing this, the leader maintains control of any situation, but not the outcome. By learning how to do effective strategic management and leadership facilitate teamwork, a manager or organization will not only improve the results of their team, they will learn how to build effective teams that truly benefit the organization. Visit phorum.softball for more.


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