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Best VR Games For Your Hardware - Eliminates Headaches By Investing In The Best VR Games For Your Hardware

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Best VR Games For Your Hardware - Eliminates Headaches By Investing In The Best VR Games For Your Hardware


There are lots of great virtual reality gaming experiences to pick from on the market today, and many new titles are introduced each week. The best VR games available right now are all wide-ranging and with options for all types of tastes. From high Octane first-person shooter experiences, heart pounding puzzle games, new PC adventure games or even new robotic combat experiences, we are sure that you'll find something that's right for you. Here are some of the best choices in the market right now.

Quest 2: The Cloning Thrill - If you enjoyed the first game, then you'll love this second release in the best VR game series. You start in the game as Dr. Isaac's assistant, where you retrieve data from a mysterious man that escaped from a mental institution. The man was trying to save the world from a nuclear war, and as the team worked around the clock to save the day, they discovered that the villain was actually the Egg of Doom. You control the hero as he fights his way through puzzles and battles on-line to finally destroy the evil egg.

The HTC Vive - HTC is one of the leading manufacturers of the HTC ViVeer line, so it was only natural that they would develop a top-notch video gaming unit. The HTC Vive utilizes the most advanced technology to create truly immersive and realistic video gaming experiences. All the best VR companies have created applications that work great with the HTC ViVeer including Immersion VR, Photoshop VR, and StarVR. You can easily browse the web, watch live TV on your PC, access your email, chat with friends, take photos, and much more. No matter what you're looking for, there is an application that is perfect for the HTC ViVeer

The Rift: From Gear VR, the best VR racing game, comes the highly anticipated release of the Gear VR platform. The Rift features all of the standard features and high-speed action of traditional car racing games, but adds a unique platform to the game play. You'll use the powerful controllers of the Rift to navigate the track and experience a totally new sense of mobility thanks to the built in motion sensors within the headset. The Rift takes virtual reality gaming to the next level.

PlayStation VR Publisher: PlayStation is the leading publisher of PlayStation VR headsets. The company is developing several titles in both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR platforms. With the launch of the headset, PlayStation will be taking the VR technology beyond the gaming surface. The goal is to provide consumers with an all new avenue for experiencing virtual reality. PlayStation is also developing at least one other VR title for the multiple platforms.

Valve Corporation: Valve Corporation is the mastermind behind the popular PC game, Valve VR. vr is a multi-player digital reality gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. In offers a unique way to interact with and deliver virtual worlds in a completely new way. The technology behind Valve Corporation's VR technology is based on the knowledge that games can be improved by adding "guides" to the player's experience. A great example of this is using a map or guide book to help a player learn the basics of a new environment.

Most people are unaware that video game companies are now starting to incorporate high quality VR into their future projects. Take for example, Blizzard Entertainment who has several planned releases of standalone games featuring a variety of different VR themes. Blizzard also recently revealed plans to release World of WarcraftVR, a complete overhaul of their classic game. In addition to games like those from valve and Blizzard, developers are also starting to make their own personal take on video game mechanics with titles such as Job Simulator and the Fantastic Contraption. These types of unique video game experiences may be best experienced with an original, high quality VR headset. Phorum.softball blogs have many great articles related to gaming chairs.

The reason why many video game consoles and handhelds are not yet offering headsets with built-in motion controllers is because they cost too much money. However, the cost of a high quality room-scale virtual reality headset should not deter consumers from trying these exciting new games. The best headsets are not meant to cost hundreds of dollars, but are rather inexpensive when compared to the quality of the graphics contained in many of the newly released games. Visit phorum.softball for more.


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