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Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

Autor Jamesbettely 
Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling
04.09.2021 08:39
1. You've drifted

After years of marriage, some couples coexist as roommates. According to David Woodsfellow, clinical psychologist and director of the Woodsfellow Institute for Couples in Atlanta, Divorce rates peak at different periods. "The first wave peaks at around seven years," he says. "The second wave peaks at 21 years. A second divorce generally involves growing apart. Avoidance, not combat. to this blog post.

"They remark, 'We share a home, but not a relationship or intimacy.' But we're both so busy,' explains Ross. "Loneliness and wants may be pushed down by filling one's life with other things. Then they retire or become empty nesters, and they ask themselves, "Who are we as a pair now?"

Saltz observed that couples frequently forget what drew them together in the first place. "You've developed a life narrative, memories, and history with someone you can't recover with someone else. Couples counseling can help.

2. You fight about money

When you add in the late-life concerns of baby boomers — possible health issues, fewer (and fewer) earning years, and low-interest rates — you've got a recipe for financial strife. In a Harris Interactive study, 36% of married 55-64-year-olds claimed money causes marital problems.

Differing spending habits or views on how to save and spend for retirement might cause friction. As a result, there may be financial hardship or inequities in the management of your retirement fund. Mr. Coambs specializes in financial counseling for couples in Matthews, North Carolina. Unless the partner earning less has another psychological impact, it might create an imbalance in the relationship.

Combs says therapy helps people understand their relationship with money and how it influences their views and others. Prior events often shape our attitudes on money. For example, he has clients sketch a family tree and examine how money was handled in their families – how their parents saved, spent, and discussed it. This activity makes students more conscious of their purchasing habits and fosters financial empathy, adds Combs.

3. Someone has cheated

One of the most prevalent reasons for couples counseling is to heal a breakdown of trust — or infidelity. But, unfortunately, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15% of married women and 25% of married men have experienced an extramarital affair.

Cheating isn't limited to physical infidelity. Emotional betrayal comes from hiding something or being secretive. "You could reconnect with an old sweetheart via Facebook, thinking it's harmless. Then it's more."

When have you crossed the line? That's hard. "Infidelity implies many things to many people," says Amy McManus, a marital and family therapist in Los Angeles. "It's critical that partners define faithfulness together."

If you're tempted to go off track, get help now rather than later. And if one partner has had an affair, there is hope. Saltz estimates that around a third of married couples survive an experience, but they're the ones that seek help and try to repair the marriage. "An affair frequently forces people to confront issues they've ignored for years," Ross says.
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