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EA Job Listing: Madden Could Be Coming to a Switch

Autor Skyzhay 
EA Job Listing: Madden Could Be Coming to a Switch
24.10.2021 08:57
Madden NFL was once Mut 22 coins a regular feature on Nintendo platforms. But, it's been more than a decade now since the release of Madden NFL 13 on Wii U. EA previously stated that they wouldn't be releasing it on Switch in the year 2018. But an employment announcement recently confirmed that Madden might finally come to Switch.

Doctre81 on YouTube found the job posting "Online Software Engineer (C++ ) - Madden" in November of 2020. For the requirements of the job one of the sections asks for 2 years of working experience with "Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo gaming consoles". Although it might not seem to be much, prior EA job postings didn't have Nintendo in their job requirements.

At the very minimum, EA could be investigating the possibility of a launch. It's worth keeping in mind that in June 2020, EA confirmed it would release seven Switch games over the twelve-month time frame. June 2022 is just couple of months away, and we've had six games confirmed in the past few months including Apex Legends earlier in the week.

There's still one to go, but Madden 22 coins for sale considering Madden's release calendar, EA could potentially be waiting until the inevitable Madden NFL 22 - as rather than the Madden NFL 22 port - given that they normally begin in August. So, let's hope it isn't another legacy edition, isn't it?
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