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OSRS In Search of the Myreque

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OSRS In Search of the Myreque
26.11.2020 08:15
Before we begin this guide we need to discuss some of the key points during OSRS In Search of the Myreque quest. First, you may ask yourself what is Myreque? The word Myreque has the meaning “hidden in myre” and this name is used by a resistance group that is trying to liberate Morytania.

This group is trying to put an end to the Drakans’ reign of terror over Morytania. Second, the OSRS In Search of the Myreque quest is the first of five Myreque quest series which you must complete. Third, in this part of the quest, you must deliver weapons to the Myreque resistance group, but things do not turn out to be as they seem.
Skill and Quest Requirements

First, let’s talk about the quest requirements for the OSRS In Search of the Myreque quest. You must complete the Nature Spirit quest before you can start the OSRS In Search of the Myreque quest. The skill requirement for this quest is 25 Agility which is boostable.
Items Needed

Steel longsword
Steel mace
Steel warhammer
Steel dagger
2 Steel swords
225 steel nails
6 planks
10+ coins
Druid pouch with at least 6 charges
1 Stamina potion
Weapon, armor, food
Mort’ton teleports

Starting Point

To start this quest go to Canifis and speak to Vanstrom Klause, in the north-east corner of the Hair of the Dog tavern. He tells you about the Myreque, an organization fighting vampyres, which is currently low on weapons and needs an arsenal of steel weapons to survive.

He will ask you to deliver weapons to his friends, then agree to help him and deliver the weapons to Myreque hideout. Go to Mort’ton, you can walk on foot or with fairy ring bkr, a Mort’ton teleport, the Minigame Group Finder to Shades of Mort’ton, or a Barrows teleport.

Make sure to have plenty of charges because five items are needed in your pouch when you reach your destination. A way around this is to take six Mort myre fungus so that you can fill the pouch twice once you arrive in Mort’ton.
Convincing Cyreg Paddlehorn

Once you are in Mort’ton run to the southeast of the city towards the transportation sign, where you will find Cyreg Paddlehorn. Talk to Cyreg and convince him to bring you to the Myreque. To do this you must choose the correct sequence of responses in this order 2,2,3,3,1 talking options.

After the conversation is done, board the boat and pay 10 gold to take you into the swamp. Go north, avoiding the ghasts, until you see a bridge. Climb up the tree and repair the bridge with your planks by clicking on each hole. Then climb down the other side of the bridge and run to the dungeon sign.

Talk to Curpile Fyod and tell him you’ve brought the weapons for the Myreque and then answer some questions for him to prove that you are indeed telling the truth. If you fail to answer the questions correctly, you will be knocked unconscious and wake up at the boat again.

Here are the answers to the possible questions:

Name the only female member of the Myreque. Answer – Sani Piliu
Who is the leader of the Myreque? Answer – Veliaf Hurtz
What is the boatman’s name? Answer – Cyreg Paddlehorn
Who was previously a scholar? Answer – Polmafi Ferdygris
What family is rumoured to rule over Morytania? Answer – Drakan
Who is the youngest member of the Myreque? Answer – Ivan Strom
What does Myreque mean? Answer – Hidden in Myre

Once you’ve answered the three questions correctly now is the time to enter into the dungeon. Run north following the tunnel, but don’t go all the way north to the wall. You need to reach the two circles (or two boulders) on your mini-map and stand in the corner next to the northern circle.

Right-click “Enter Cave entrance” and go inside the secret cave of the Myreque. Talk to Veliaf and then, talk to all of the others before coming back to Veliaf. It isn’t necessary to ask any questions. Just say, “I’ll be back later”, and talk to another one.
The Boss Fight

Go back and talk to Veliaf again. He will now accept your weapons, however… This will trigger a cutscene revealing Vanstrom Klause, the stranger you were trying to help. He transforms into his Vampyre form and kills Sani Piliu and Harold Evans with Blood Burst.

After performing the murders, Vanstrom disappears, before summoning a level 97 Skeleton Hellhound to finish off the remaining members. Skeleton Hellhound can use only Melee attacks, during the fight you can use Protect from Melee or flinch him.

To do that you must lure him into the northeastern corner and try to get him stuck behind the barrel. This will be your safespot, just wait until the health bar of both you and the boss is gone and then attack him.

Talk to Veliaf Hurtz, who’ll say he needs to speak to his superior to instate you into the Myreque. You can also ask him more questions about the Myreque and Vanstrom. Finally, ask him how to leave the hideout and he will tell you about a secret passage to Canifis.

Leave the chamber, and search the wall for a door at the end of the tunnel. Now, climb up the ladder. You will surface south of the pub. The nearby trapdoor leads back to the cave, which you can use as an alternate route back to Mort’ton in the future.

Go into the pub at the quest start, and you will find that Vanstrom isn’t there but a Stranger. Speak to him to complete the quest.

2 Quest points
600 Attack experience
600 Defence experience
600 Strength experience
600 Hitpoints experience
600 Crafting experience
A quick route to Mort’ton

Thank you for reading and buy osrs gold from RS3gold.com all the time, thank you again. Good luck!
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