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Most Notable Esports Tournaments

Autor denka 
Most Notable Esports Tournaments
19.11.2021 16:26
Most Notable Esports Tournaments
Esports as a gaming direction appeared about 18 years ago. Since then, it has received much stronger development than expected, and prize funds have grown from tens of thousands to millions. In this article we will study the results of the past year and the prospects for the next few years.
Esports functions as a large organism. We will divide the article into 3 parts, but it is worth considering that they are all interconnected. In the first of them, we will look at the current state of esports, and the next two parts will explain the cause-and-effect relationships and explain the development process.
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One of the reasons for the development of esports is the increase in the audience. Since 2008, when the first stream services just began to appear, technologies have significantly stepped forward: Internet channels have become "thicker", and servers have become more powerful. All this led to an increase in the audience, followed by attention from investors and advertisers.
Tournaments. Increasing competition in esports.
The popularity of streams, audience growth and financial opportunities lead to an increase in the number of tournaments, as well as prize funds. It would be more accurate to say that this is a two-way communication. The number of tournaments also affects the popularity of disciplines, and accordingly, by attending tournaments, disciplines find more fans and viewers.
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